Three Weeks to Revise For University Exams

With just three weeks to go before your next university exam, you have to know exactly what to study for. While revision is necessary, it can be tedious. It is a great psychological win to break the task up into manageable chunks. To do this, start by examining your syllabus. This will help you see what areas need more attention and work out a revision plan. Once you have an idea of what to revise, it will be easier to stick to it.

Next, determine when to start your revision. Aim for two to three hours per day if you can. Start out by making notes and highlighting key information and ramp up gradually to memorizing and doing past papers. If you are not sure what to study and when, discuss this with your teacher. The number of hours you should devote to revision will depend on the content and the quality of your current performance. However, aim to spend at least three hours per day revising for your exam.

If you’ve got three weeks to revise for university exams, you can do so without too much stress. If you don’t get enough sleep, your mind won’t work efficiently. Losing one night of sleep can affect your reasoning and memory for up to four days. Therefore, sacrificing sleep is not a good idea. In the meantime, it’s crucial to prepare yourself mentally. The last thing you need is an exam day that leaves you stressed. Remember that having more time to revise will increase your chances of success.

Before your exam, make a revision plan. Using your Outlook calendar, plan your revision schedule based on your modules. List all of the exam subjects first and allocate time to each subject. For the subjects that you are struggling the most, allocate extra time. Make sure you create a realistic plan so you won’t forget anything important. Once you’ve made your revision plan, set up a good study environment.

Study well. Getting to sleep immediately after revising isn’t always possible. However, it’s better to relax before bedtime. A simple book can help you relax, and a podcast about exam stress can help you learn mindfulness techniques. Lastly, do not compare yourself to others. You don’t want to end up disappointed because you didn’t study hard enough. A few weeks prior to exams, you can start preparing for them by making smart revision plans.

Remember that you have just over three weeks to revise for your uni exams. This amount of time is sufficient for most exam subjects, but you shouldn’t rush yourself! A week is the equivalent of over 100 hours of study time, so make sure you set aside at least four or five hours a day to study. Try to plan your revision accordingly, and be determined to succeed. If you can manage to revise more than 6 weeks, that’s a great start!

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