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How to Make a South Carolina Expungement Application

If you’re interested in having your criminal history cleared up, you can make a South Carolina expungement application. These requests are made to the state’s Law Enforcement Division and Circuit Court, and if approved, the charges will be removed from your record. To be eligible for this process, you must have been convicted of the crime at least three years ago. There are some specific restrictions that may prevent you from getting an expungement, however. These restrictions include felony convictions, certain types of traffic offenses, and domestic violence crimes.

First, you must have fulfilled certain requirements. A successful application will be rejected if you have any previous criminal convictions, but there are several ways to clear your record. For instance, you may have committed a crime when you were a teenager. In this case, you must have been at least 17 years old when you committed the crime, and you must have completed the Pretrial Intervention program. A successful completion of the program will result in the charges being removed, as will the conviction.

In South Carolina, you can only apply for an expungement if you are eligible for it. If you’ve been convicted of a conditional discharge or a traffic violation and were not injured in the incident, you can apply for an expungement. The process generally takes two to four years, and you must be at least 18 years old. If the charge was committed as part of identity theft, you may be eligible for an expungement. You will also need to meet the requirements for a first time offender.

A first-time misdemeanor conviction for fraud can be eligible for an expungement if you have no other crimes within the past year. You can also apply for an expungement if you were given a conditional discharge – the court offered you conditions instead of a conviction – or if you were convicted of a drug offense. You can find the requirements for the application at S.C. Code Ann. SS 44-53-370 (c)-d) and SS 44-53-375(A).

To make an expungement application, you need certified dispositions and other required documents from the arresting agency. You must also provide payment through a US Postal Money Order. The application fee is not refundable. It is important to note that South Carolina expungement laws change frequently. Consult an attorney before you begin the process. There are many benefits to expunging your criminal record. It is one of the fastest ways to clear up your criminal history.

The first step in making an expungement application in South Carolina is to complete the paperwork required by the court. The application is completed by a Solicitor with jurisdiction over the county in which the charges were filed. The time it takes for an expungement to be approved depends on the kind of crime and how fast the paperwork is processed. Some counties can take much longer than others. Once the paperwork is completed, you should receive your expunged record.

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