Caravan Tourism in Kerala

A newly launched package for the caravan tourism in Kerala is being welcomed enthusiastically by the state tourism department. The package is meant to provide a top class experience for domestic and foreign tourists alike. The new caravan park in Vagamon, a scenic hill station, is part of the state’s Caravan Tourism policy, which aims to promote tourism in the state through the medium of caravans. Here are some important details on the caravan tourism package:

The Kerala government is constructing specialised caravan parks. These parks are located in natural settings, connected to major roads, and will have 24×7 amenities for the caravan-tourists. Moreover, they are well equipped to ensure safety, hygiene, and social distancing. The caravans can accommodate four people, so you will not have to worry about space. And if you’re traveling in a group, it’s easy to bring a large caravan.

The Caravan Tourism initiative is committed to sustainable growth, hygiene, and local resources. In addition to offering a unique experience to tourists, this concept also helps to increase local tourism and local businesses. In the long run, the tourism-friendly culture and the natural beauty of Kerala will benefit both locals and tourists alike. So, it is no wonder that the local communities and tourist attractions would benefit from the caravans’ unique approach.

The caravan tourism policy is a game-changing initiative in India, which will eventually result in a thousand-caravan project in the state. Once the initiative is completed, 150 caravan parks will be built in Kerala. A further 150 parks are scheduled to be developed in the near future. Wagamon caravan park is one of them. If you’re looking for a comfortable and luxurious getaway, then a caravan in Kerala might be the right choice for you.

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