9 Best Italian Dishes You Can Not Miss Out On

Italian cuisine is famous worldwide for its mouth-watering flavors and easy cooking. After pizza and pasta, the world went straight into diving deep into Italian cuisine to get some more exceptional recipes from their cooking culture.

Without a doubt, the Italian culinary culture never disappoints, as you will always find a dish to die for in their cuisine. Some of the most delicious are mentioned below for you to try today! They will leave you in awe of their taste, and you will soon be addicted to them:

1.     Italian Tiramisu

The savory flavor of an Italian tiramisu cake is enough for you to cheat on your staple dessert. It is an extremely soft cake with a strong coffee flavor in it. In English, it is translated as “Pick-Me-Up” cake because it gives an instant energy boost as it is rich in caffeine.

You can visit any nearest Italian bakery and get an Italian Tiramisu for $6.75 and enjoy it after your lunch or dinner. You can also have this dessert for your breakfast.

2.     Italian Caprese Salad

The salad is a heavenly delight for cheese and tomato lovers. This salad comprises slices of tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese slices placed one after the other. This salad can also be topped with a special sauce called pesto sauce that is made fresh along with the salad. This salad is something to enjoy your lunch with.

3.     Bruschetta

One of the highly in-demand Italian dishes is Bruschetta. It is made with grilled bread that is topped with vegetables. The vegetables are slightly boiled or cooked and mashed and then applied on top of the bread. A sauce is also used to top the vegetables on the bread. The sauce is made with garlic and tomato. It is a classic starter Italian dish that you will find at almost all Italian events.

Moreover, you can also play with the sauce and topping in accordance with your taste preference. The most commonly used and liked sauces are mushroom and garlic sauce plus basil and tomato sauce.

4.     Focaccia Bread

Another delicious Italian dish that you can treat as a main course includes a baked savory. This dish is called focaccia bread, in which you will find caramelized onions, tomatoes, and sliced cheese slices.

The cheese used is grated parmesan, and you can also add other types of cheese as per your taste and preference. It is presented and topped with basil leaves as well. Here is the exact recipe for the focaccia bread if you want to try it by yourself.

5.     Pasta Carbonara

This is a Roman Pasta that is used along with an essence of coal flavor in it. The word carbon means coal, and the name of the recipe speaks for its flavor. You will have a fresh coal flavor in this pasta. It got its name because of the fact that it first became popular among coal miners. You can use chicken and bacon in the preparation of this pasta.

6.     Margherita Pizza

If you are looking forward to a unique and exotic pizza, you can go for Margherita pizza. The main ingredients used in this type of pizza include tomato basil as well as mozzarella cheese. This pizza is best enjoyed when prepared fresh. As it takes only a few ingredients to prepare this pizza, therefore, you can also easily prepare this pizza at your home. Nothing can beat the taste of a freshly prepared Italian Mushroom Pizza.

7.     Mushroom Risotto

Another Mushroom based dish is risotto. You can easily get this made using butter. Butter is one of the strongest tastes that you will find in this dessert. Since this dish has mushrooms in it, it is rich in antioxidants and anti-cancer properties. Besides being insanely delicious and healthy, this recipe is also very easy to make. You can cook this using this recipe in no time.

8.     Lasagna

One of the most famous and savory Italian dishes is Lasagna. You can enjoy this recipe even more if you are a meat and cheese lover. You can choose any type of cheese in the preparation of Lasagna in accordance with your preference. Moreover, most people also used mixed cheese and layers of each cheese type in the preparation of the lasagna. Bolognese sauce will further enhance the taste of this dish.

9.     Panettone

We have another Italian dessert in our dish. The Panettone is a sweet Italian dish that has eggs, flour, and sugar in it. Moreover, they also come in various flavors from orange to lemon to cherries. You can choose a flavor that best matches your taste. Furthermore, you can also make a mixed-flavored Panettone cake. You can best enjoy this dessert long with tea or coffee.

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